Aleksandr Dugin

On March 29 a Skype video call between well known Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin and Ukrainian separatist Kateryna Gubareva (wife of arrested Pavlo Gubarev, leader of separatists in Donetsk) leaked to the Internet.

During 30+ minutes call Mr. Dugin issued couple of directives how to destabilize the situation in Ukraine’s East and South, and how to repeat the Crimea scenario.

1. To consider all Ukrainian pro-Russia politicians, who agreed to participate in May 25 presidential elections, as traitors (of Russia);

2. The separatists should not seek for a common ground with the Ukrainian authorities and to act in a radical way (going to pro-Russia rallies instead of going to work, take administrative buildings etc);

3. To create alternative “people’s local Government” and to proclaim Independence from Ukraine with consecutive secession to Russia.

[Edit: Putin embraced Dugin’s concept of “Eurasian Union”, which should force all ex-USSR states into that new USSR 2.0.]

Source: Maidantranslations