Verkhovna Rada of occupied Crimea

Russian occupation administration of Crimea stated that there will be no more classes with the curricula in Ukrainian language in the primary schools on the peninsula.

“On the territory of Crimean Federal District of Russia the primary schools will no longer have classes with the curricula in Ukrainian language.” – stated Natalia Goncharova, so-called Minister of Education of earlier annexed peninsula.

According to her, the parents of pupils asked to have the curricula in the Russian language, but in the Crimean Tatars’ districts they want they kids to be taught in Crimean Tatar language.

She also added, that the exception may be made for ex-Ukrainian gymnasium in Simferopol, where more than 1/4 of parents asked for the Ukrainian language curricula for their children.

It is not the first case of anti-Ukrainian policy of the Russian occupation authorities on the occupied Crimean peninsula. Earlier in May the Ukrainian language was banned from sole Ukrainian gymnasium in Crimea.

[Edit: According to official Russian statistics, there are 2 million (unofficially the figure is at least twice higher) of ethnic Ukrainians living in Russia. However, there are no school in Russia with Ukrainian language curricula. There are around 17% of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, therefore there are around 17% of schools with Russian language curricula in Ukraine. However, Russia do not stop accusing Ukraine of violating the rights of the Russian community.]

Source: Zik