The Lugansk News Today recently reported, that the Russian Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP) have participated in the military drills, organized by the pro-Russian terrorists in Luhansk region (Ukraine).

The terrorist troops were practicing the shooting from tanks, while at least four MRAPs can be spotted on the background. Those were identified as BPM-97, where BPM stands for “Battle Vehicle of the Border Guard”. These MRAPs are Russian brand new vehicles based on 4×4 KAMAZ-43269 “Vystrel”. The modification of BPM-97 seen in Luhansk is “Dozor-N” and those are used only by Russia. That modification was specially designed for the military intelligence. You can access the full report (in Russian) on this vehicle with its specs here and another very detailed report on BPM-97 here. BPM-97 “Dozor-N” has modern protected communication systems and UAV on board.

Below you can see the video of those Russian BPM-97 MRAPs moving together and taking part in the military exercises run by the pro-Russian terrorists, who now control the city of Luhansk.

Here’s the exact frame where you can see those MRAPs during the terrorist military drills.

Russian BPM-97 on the terrorist military drills near Luhansk

Below there is another photo and an exact location of the same type of MRAP, taken in Luhansk on Jan 1, 2015, near hostel (dormitory) No 4 of the East-Ukrainian Volodymyr Dahl University. The dormitories of the University were occupied by pro-Russian terrorists and Russian soldiers and that’s the location where they live and train local militiamen.

Russian BPM-97 MRAP near Luhansk University dorms Russian BPM-97 MRAP near Luhansk University dorms map

We can only guess were there Russian regular troops or only instructors, training the Russian volunteers, but the presence of these MRAPs produced in Russia and available only in Russia, proves once again an obvious implication of this state in the so-called ‘crisis in Ukraine’.

Source: Lugansk News Today