Isa Munayev with Amina Okueva

Isa Munayev, Chechen military commander and Head of pro-Ukraine “Dzhokhar Dudayev” battalion, was killed today near Debaltseve. It was reported by Semen Semenchenko, Ukrainian MP and head of “Donbas” volunteer battalion, and later was confirmed by Amina Okueva, Head of “Free Caucasus” social-political movement.

“The Grads (BM-21 Grad) were bombing, the tanks appeared, the mortars were shelling, the attacks on outposts became permanent. The stories about ‘us controlling’ Vuhlehirsk ended with the serious fights, were four soldiers from Donbas battalion and twelve UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) soldiers died. The information about 14 Russian tanks approaching Vuhlehirsk from Yenakieve appeared at a crucial moment.” – said Semen Semenchenko.

He also stressed, that Isa Munayev together with his soldiers from “Dzhokhar Dudayev” battalion arrived in Debaltseve as a reinforcement.

“He arrived in Debaltseve with his soldiers. There were Chechens, Russians, Ukrainian and Georgians. Little of weapons, but a lot of spirit.” – he added.

The exact circumstances of his death are, currently, unknown.

Source: Unian